The two Alcheringa houses are adjacent to famous Binna Burra Lodge, Lamington National. Park, Southeast Queensland. Lamington is one of Queensland’s oldest and most loved National Parks. 147km of walking tracks lead through upland subtropical rainforest, heath country, eucalypt forests and ancient Antarctic beech groves to 500 waterfalls, mountain lookouts and wind eroded caves. The Alcheringa houses are a short walk from the four main track entrances.

History:  The original Alcheringa was built in the early seventies by Donn Groom, one of the sons of Arthur Groom, co-founder of Binna Burra Lodge.

The house was designed by Brisbane architect Robin Spencer, using some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles, such as an organic appearance, natural materials, an unobtrusive front entrance opening to a grand space. Donn built the 6 massive rock walls without cranes or heavy machinery. Then he employed carpenters to complete the building around the rock walls.

The original house and granny flat were destroyed in the first of the climate change bushfires that swept down the east of Australia in late 2019. The six rock walls remained proudly standing but 700 degree heat had compromised the rock and concrete and tragically they had to be knocked down. Robin Spencer was thrilled to be asked to design the replacement houses, which he did with his son Fraser. The two new houses were finished in August 2022.


Whenever you can come –  Binna Burra is in season in all seasons.


Temperatures are always five degrees cooler than the Coast or Brisbane so you can still sleep under a blanket at night or enjoy walking in the cool rainforest or cooling off in a mountain stream or waterfall.


February to April is officially the wet season but definitely the best time to see the park with fruiting trees, a huge variety of colourful fungus, waterfalls in good flow and the rainforest at its most lush. There may be a shower or two with the best weather of the year between the wet spells. April is perhaps our favourite month of the year.


May to August is the most popular time for walking in South East Queensland with cool, crisp, dry sunny days, and the snakes, ticks and leeches are in hibernation. Great for sitting around the indoor and outdoor fireplaces.  You will also hear the liquid call of Albert’s Lyrebird echoing around the valleys.


September to October is for bird-lovers with the satin bower birds building their courting bowers, the dawn chorus of bird calls at its most insistent and of course wildflowers  are blooming in the heath country on the Dave’s Creek Walk (one of the best vegetation walks in Queensland.)


A week at Alcheringa.

A week is not nearly long enough to explore Lamington National Park and the Scenic Rim.  In fact, a lifetime is not long enough – however, like 80% of our guests, you can always come back next year.

You need at least three days to hike the best tracks in Lamington – Coomera Falls is the best waterfall walk (12 or 17km), Daves Creek (12km)  is the best walk for vegetation while Upper or Lower Ballanjui Falls  offer a range of  delights.  You can leave other walks such as Shipstern, (20km and the best overall hike),  Gwongoorool Pool, The Caves, the Border Lookouts or Illinbah for another visit.   Using the weekend bus service you could take the classic 23km hike from O’Reilly’s Green Mountains back to Binna Burra – route of one of the oldest cross country runs in Australia.) You could devote three days to some of the Scenic Rim’s top destinations – Springbrook, Mt Tamborine and O’Reillys Green Mountains. Another day could be spent on a road trip through the centre of the Scenic Rim That leaves just one day for relaxing in the house – maybe taking the self-guiding walk through the Australian native garden with the accent on indigenous use


If you have only the weekend available – that’s too bad but you can still have a relaxing break in the mountains.


Listen to the sounds of nature – bird calls in the morning, the wind in the casuarina trees, the sound of silence at night or the drum of rain on the tin roof or an owl calling.


Taste your own meals from the spacious kitchen which is equipped with every cooking utensil and equipment you could need.

Or dine nearby at the  Binna Burra Teahouse or Groom’s Cottage both near the entrance to Lamington National Park – a 400m.  walk or drive from the house.  For a special occasion, another dining option is Beechmont Estate, 4km down the road on Beechmont.

Take a picnic lunch to a mountain lookout or waterfall.


Gaze at the views from every room; watch the changing weather as clouds sweep up from the valley; stargaze from the heated outdoor spa. Bird watch from the kitchen sink.


Smell the scent of the eucalypt forest, the freshness of the rainforest after rain, the musty smell of the humus on the forest floor as it provides life to the massive trees above.


Be touched by renewing old friendships, rediscovering your family in a natural environment, toasting marshmallows  in the fire-circle, or sitting around the indoor fireplaces. Indulge in a massage in-house – Bliss comes to you.

Want to stay at Alcheringa?

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